Rulantica - The Musical

MackMedia and Europa-Park produce their own musical

Finally the time has come! After years of work on the Rulantica story, you can finally experience a part of the saga live at Europa-Park!

‘Rulantica – The Musical’ takes you to a mysterious island, where good wrestles with evil and legends become reality. At the Europa-Park Teatro in the Italian themed area, visitors are being immersed in a mystical sea world since 28th April 2018, where intrigue, team spirit and the search for magical source connects people from the land and sea.

You will learn a lot about the origin of Rulantica and also how to find the way there. But are people ready to understand the mystery of Rulantica? Is the life, and love of the inhabitants stronger than the temptation for fame and wealth? There is still much to discover!

At this point we would like to thank the authors Jörg Ihle and Dominik Hochwald, who, as a part of the Rulantica story, have developed this great plot for the musical under the direction of Thomas Mack. Thanks also go to Hendrik Schwarzer and Jan Lepold, for the fantastic music, and to Ulrich Grauwunder for the direction.

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