Europa-Park: Adventure Club of Europe

Whether you are on land, in water or up in the air – minds of discoverers unite.





The Adventure Club of Europe (ACE) is a fictional explorer club that is transmedially narrated through attractions at Europa-Park, the Rulantica water park and various other media, and can also be experienced outside the parks.

The Secrets of the ‘Adventure Club of Europe’

The ACE connects numerous

stories from MackMedia

The ACE is a blend of adventure and fantasy. The focus is on explorers and researchers who embark on fantastic adventures.

The ACE offers many opportunities for the visitor to complete or deepen the park visit, as the ACE connects attractions throughout Europa-Park. The guests can become explorers themselves and find traces of the ACE in queueing areas or attractions. It is further planned to give the ACE an independent attraction in which guests can go on expeditions themselves.

Since the ACE offers a rich history, the Adventure Club can also be used for movies, novels, comics, games etc. as well as shows. Being a secret society, it can be used for exclusive, even secret upcharge events.

Stories & characters

The Adventure Club of Europe is dedicated exclusively to mystical and supernatural expeditions. Gain a little insight into our characters and stories in this gallery.

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