Europa-Park: Madame Freudenreich

A grandma and her tame dinosaurs





The extensive story world around Madame Freudenreich was created by MackMedia and thematised in a children’s book, a mini-series and its own attraction in the park. The lovely grandmother from Alsace hides tamed dinosaurs in her greenhouse who play with the grandchildren and help around the household.

Not all her dinosaurs fit on the logo.

Madame Freudenreich Curiosités’ is the name of the attraction in the French themed area of Europa-Park. The darkride leads the guests into the garden of Madame Freudenreich and lets them experience funny dinosaurs up close.

Madame Freudenreich is a member of the Adventure Club of Europe, and her story is also told on the website of the fictional adventurer club. The Alsatian discovered dinosaur eggs on an expedition to Venezuela and kept them hidden.

The computer-animated 3D clips show a few characters that were developed deeper than the book. With regard to an eventual mini-series, three dinosaurs were given names and characteristics.They already exist in the children’s book. Also present are the grandchildren Leon and Sophie as well as Madame Freudenreich. The look of the characters is not like the book. Only the premise – dinos hidden in the garden of Madame Freudenreich – is identical.

The story of Madame Freudenreich is being told transmedially.

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