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360° productions call for rethinking: the viewer sits not in front of the screen, but right in the middle, so that the techniques and narrative patterns of the traditional cinematic film have to be re-thought and adapted. We like to master this challenge – both at events and at 100km/h on the roller coaster.

A themepark in your pocket!

Was your theme park visit over too quickly? With the 360° onrides on the Coastiality App, the park can be experienced in your living room.

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Happy Halloween

MackMedia was one of the first companies to use 360° videos to market an event, and landed a viral hit with the recordings of the horror event ‘Horror Nights’. The 360° production ‘Happy Halloween’ takes viewers on a journey through 10 years of ‘Horror Nights’ and lets them experience their own horror movie.

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360° Movie ‘Happy Halloween’
360° Onride Videos

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