About us

360° Media Entertainment

The desire to capture real emotions in the moving image is what inspired Michael Mack to found MackMedia in 2002. From 2002 to 2011, MackMedia acted as a video and moving image agency, at first primarily as a service provider for Europa-Park in Rust. With the animated film ‘The Secret of Balthasar Castle 4D’ in 2011, the first original story with Ed & Edda was created. Since then, MackMedia has been dedicated to brand and story development with an all-round look from live entertainment to feature film production.

The focus of products and services is on media productions for TV and cinema, image and advertising films, music videos, special content for attractions, and brand development. ‘The wide world is my field’ – with this company motto, MackMedia builds on the same values ​​with which the family-owned company Mack has been living for over 235 years and thus constantly tries to grow beyond itself. The ‘Coastiality’ VR Rides, a combination of rollercoaster and virtual reality experience, created a digital world first. The largest production so far was the feature-length animated film ‘Happy Family’ in 2017, which was released in cinemas worldwide.

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