MackMedia is the exclusive moving image agency for Europa-Park. MackMedia develops characters, stories and brands that are distributed at Europa-Park. MackMusic produces music and soundtracks for attractions and shows.

Mack Rides

MackMedia is content partner of the ride manufacturer and parent company Mack Rides Waldkirch. The strength of this partnership is the joint strategic distribution of services for parks worldwide.

Brogent Technologies

Brogent is a leader in the manufacturing of flying theater equipment. MackMedia is a strategic partner for content creation in the animation and live action movie sector.

Bluebanana Entertainment

Bluebanana is a sub-company of MackMedia and takes care of show productions. The strength lies in the years of experience of various productions, a large artist database and existing costume selection.

Coppenrath Verlag

Coppenrath Publishing holds the book publishing rights to the MackMedia brands ‘Rulantica’ and ‘Mme Freudenreich’.


Together with the Simba-Dickie Group from Fürth, MackMedia develops toy products into different brands. A highlight of this joint cooperation is the Majorette toy car line ‘Alpha Mods P.D.’, which is distributed throughout Germany in the trade.

Traumatica Pictures

In order for content for adults to reach the right recipients, ‘Traumatica Pictures’ has been established for content with an age 16 restriction. 360° Halloween films have been produced in house and distributed online since 2015.

Due to the continuous inclusion of innovations and the involvment of all ages, MackMedia productions have been viewd over 21 million times to dates.

Mack Animation

The animation studio from Hannover specializes in the production of animation content on cinema level. Being able to access a team of 40 animation experts offers flexibility at a competitive price.

VR Coaster

The daughter company VR Coaster equips rides and rollercoasters worldwide with the Coastiality technology. MackMedia VR films are being shown on VR Coaster rides around the world.

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