Aurea Awards 2018

MackMedia Produces Aurea Award 2018

In our inaugural year, we were especially eager to encourage any entrants to vie for an AUREA and also to see the full range of new projects, products and experiences in AR and VR Entertainment. So we did not ask entrants to declare a narrow category for their entries. Instead, we allowed the AUREA jury to select winners along more general lines.

We therefore invite entrants from the entire AR and VR ecosystem, be it experience or storytelling producers, game developers, application or service providers, hardware makers, software or platform providers, or other players active in the market. All we ask is that your product, service be operational, either as a company or a working product that our jury can see, hear, touch or experience.


We are happy to announce the 5 winning projects of the inaugeral AUREA-Awards: 

EXPERIENCE – Aesir Interactive “Meet the Miner”
INNOVATION – Kynoa “Koliseum Soccer VR”
INTERACTION – Backlight “Eclipse”
CREATIVE – headraft “Tunnel AR”
IMPACT – eyecandylab “”


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