Rulantica - The Musical

A musical journey to Rulantica





‘Rulantica – The Musical’ takes you to a mysterious island, where good fights against evil and legends become true. MackMedia produced this musical, which is routed deeply in the story world of Rulantica, together with Europa-Park.

Trailer "Rulantica - The Musical"


A big thank you to the authors Jörg Ihle and Dominik Hochwald that, under the direction of Thomas Mack, have developed such a great story for the musical using parts of the Rulantica saga. Additionally, thank you to Hendrik Schwarzer and Jan Lepold for the fantastic music and Ulrich Grauwunder for the stage direction.

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It’s the year 1557. The king’s ship Tre Kronor is on a secret mission. It’s destination: the mysterious island of Rulantica on which apparently, you can find the well of life.

As all the other sailors on board, Fin a young seaman dreams of fame and glory following this unique mission. All the more is he disappointed when he is ordered to stay on board while the captain and other sailors set off to the island to find the well and bottle it by the barrel.

Discover the exciting story of Rulantica in the musical

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