MackMedia develops Alpha Mods P.D.

Toys collection and new VR experience on "Alpenexpress Coastiality"

Together with Simba-Dickie, MackMedia has developed the joint brand Alpha Mods PD, which tells the story of four boys being recruited via a computer game to a futuristic police force to fight criminals in Ultraville with their police cars. Simba-Dickie has implemented a complete product line, under the toy car brand Majorette, and the action-packed world of games has been joined by a new film for the virtual reality rollercoaster ‘Alpenexpress Coastiality’.

The toy line, which was presented at the end of January 2018 at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, consists of an extensive Diecast Collection with police vehicles and a Walkie Talkie Set in the Alpha Mods P.D. style, which will be available in the new Alpha Mods P.D. Shop in the Russian theme area of ​​Germany’s largest theme park. Alpha Mods P.D. will be available as a VR-Ride from 24th March 2018 at Europa-Park.

In the ‘Virtual Reality Ride’ on the rollercoaster ‘Alpenexpress Coastiality’, park visitors experience a spectacular adventure in a futuristic parallel world. When you look through the VR glasses, you become part of a spectacular chase in Ultraville, while the real rollercoaster ride – with wind, centrifugal forces and curves – can still be felt. Anyone can soon join the chase through Ultraville, the virtual world of Alpha Mods P.D. MackMedia has the competence and experience to develop new brand worlds and stands for the highest level of transmedial entertainment. The team, led by Michael Mack, Managing Partner of Europa-Park and Managing Director of MackMedia, has been working since 2002 to lead the group into a new, digital future. The goal is to provide an entertaining 360-degree entertainment offering that the world’s best theme park can make available anywhere and anytime. In 2017, the media company even rose to the league of movie producers.

MackMedia is also active as an independent media company outside Europa-Park and offers a broad product portfolio of specially created brands as well as self-produced formats such as animated films, VR animations, online series, PC games, mobile games and apps. A further development by MackMedia is the Alpha Mods P.D. Toys collection. In addition to the toy cars, it will also bring Alpha Mods P.D. to homes for an experience in the Coastiality app. Michael Mack: “We are proud of our previous cooperation with Simba-Dickie and are delighted to be the first German theme park to be able to co-produce a toy series, and I am excited to see how the combination of VR and toys at home reaches the children’s rooms.” The Majorette Diecast Collection consists of three series. Series 1.0 impresses with the blue high-gloss finish and the character-specific rims of high-quality metal vehicles.

In series 2.0 blue-transparent mods are mounted on the white vehicles. Through these means, the vehicles in the virtual world acquire special features that help them to persecute the gangsters. Series 2.1 adorns with vehicles with glow-in-the-dark features, which makes the vehicles shine in dark spaces. The new series consists of five diecast vehicles with freewheel. These are the helicopter Gizmo, the rocket-propelled Intercepta racing car, the pick-up jumper with harpoon, the buster with wrecking ball and the villain Shadow, which is equipped with an electric shield. In addition to the three different series, there will be VR glasses including two vehicles. These can be used together with the app to experience the action-packed chase at home. The new Majorette products will be available from August 2018 and are suitable for children from the age of five.

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