Worldwide Unique VR Experience

At ‘Eurosat Coastiality’, the virtual fun starts before the VR roller coaster ride actually begins!

With the opening of the new attraction Eurosat Coastiality, Europa-Park offers its visitors a virtual reality experience that is unique worldwide.

Starting in September, visitors will be able to put on their VR headset in a pre-show room before the actual VR rollercoaster ride. What follows is completely new: with the VR headset on, and within virtual reality, visitors not only walk to the train via the train station, but also get into the rollercoaster without having to remove the VR headset in between. What then seamlessly follows is the actual VR ride on the rollercoaster.

This innovation is made possible through the collaboration of MackMedia, VR Coaster, Holodeck VR, and EuropaCorp.

For further information about the Free Roaming offer take a look at YouTube.

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