Europa-Park: Rulantica

The new water world of Europa-Park





The story world of Rulantica serves as the basis for the thematic content of the new Europa-Park water park and the associated museum hotel. Together with the Coppenrath Publishing, a novel series was created for Rulantica. Their roots lie in an expedition of the Adventure Club of Europe, an adventure club developed by MackMedia in 2014.

The Rescue - Name teaser for Rulantica

We create and tell the story of Rulantica

MackMedia is the developer of the Rulantica story world, from which a variety of projects arise. We are responsible for the thematic content of the new Rulantica water park of Europa-Park and the museum hotel ‘Krønasår’. We have created the character ‘Snorri’, which acts as the mascot of the water park and is the template for the merchandise products we have developed. In close collaboration with the Coppenrath Verlag, we are publishing a three-part series of novels about Rulantica, which builds up the story world in detail and in depth. MackMedia is also behind the Rulantica musical, which is performed daily at Europa-Park. The same applies to the Rulantica Preview Center in the park. In the future, MackMedia will continue to tell the story of the Nordic, mystical island full of fantastic creatures.

For the announcement of the name ‘Rulantica’ MackMedia has produced a clip in the Baltic Sea and presented in this the octopus Snorri, the face of the Europa-Park water world Rulantica, main character in the novel series and basis of many merchandise products.

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