The Time Carousel 4D

Five friends on an adventurous journey through time


Theme parks worldwide



This wild trip takes the friends to Wilhelm Tell in Switzerland, they get to know Gustave Eiffel in Paris and finally land at Master Mack in Waldkirch. Will the five defeat the time machine and thus defeat the evil ‘Nachtkrapp’ (a legendary figure)?

The second adventure of Euromaus and his friends was used to announce the first name of the longtime Europa-Park mascot ‘Euromaus’.

The Time Carousel 4D - Trailer

The Nachtkrapp wants to banish fun from Europa-Park forever. Only by entering the first name of Euromaus in the time machine console can the five return to the present. After adventurous excursions to Wilhelm Tell in Switzerland and to Gustave Eiffel in France, the friends finally land at Meister Mack in Waldkirch. From him Euromaus and Euromausi learn their first names and defeat in a final fight the night crab. The fun at Europa-Park is saved!

12 Min. 04 Sek.

Lovingly designed characters

Enjoy the following impressions from the adventure of Ed Euromaus & Edda Euromausi in ‘The Time Carousel 4D’. As with all our films, special emphasis was placed on character development and high-quality animation.

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