The Secret of Balthasar Castle 4D

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In ‘The Secret of Balthazar Castle’ Ed and his friends Edda, Eurofant, Louis and Böckli solve the mystery of the mysterious Balthasar Castle. A little nonsense is always guaranteed with favorite Böckli, who is voiced by DJ BoBo.

The Secret of Balthasar Castle 4D - Trailer

Together, the five friends master many exciting situations. The adventurous treasure hunt leads through the mysterious catacombs of Balthasar Castle. It’s no question that Ed, Edda, Eurofant, Böckli and Louis have to show great courage and only by working together can they decipher the great mystery.

Together with MackMedia, the creators of the most successful German animated film ‘Die Konferenz der Tiere – 3D’ produced a multimedia short film full of elaborate effects, which provides laughs and amazement not just for fans of Euromaus. The movie promises entertainment for the whole family!

11 min. 12 sec.

An exciting adventure

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