Happy Family 4D

Immerse yourself in the creepy yet funny Happy Family world of bestselling author David Safier.


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Accompany the Wünschmann family on their bewitched, entertaining adventure. Like all MackMedia 4D movies, Happy Family 4D has been produced specifically for use in 3D / 4D cinemas. The storyline is thus ideally matched to the usual film length and the use of matching effects.

Happy Family 4D – Trailer

Family Wünschmann is anything but a happy family. That’s why Mother Emma tries to bring the family together again by visiting a theme park. But, with what she calls hilarious fun with a supposed decorative figur, which turns out to be the evil witch Baba Yaga, the whole family is turned into monsters. Mother Emma becomes a vampire, father Frank Frankenstein, daughter fairy turns into a mummy and son Max into a werewolf. And so, a seemingly innocent ghost train becomes a ludicrous and scary adventure. Will our Happy Family find a happy ending?

11 Min. 30 Sek.

A bedevilled film adventure

In keeping with the film of the same name, MackMedia produced an adventure specially tailored to the needs of 4D cinema, which plays in the same story world as the movie.

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