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‘Chaos in Wonderland 4D’ new in the cinema

Professor Dr Andrej Nikolajew, well-known from the MackMedia ‘First Flight Theory’, gives Ed Euromaus and Edda Euromausi the important task of looking after a magical object of the ‘Adventure Club of Europe’ (ACE) during the night. The magic power of this unique object: it brings things to life. Ed wants to show the secret object to the statue of his grandfather when the evil night raven appears, snatches it from him and makes everything in the park come to life. Suddenly Madame Freudenreich’s dinosaurs and numerous fairy tale figures are stamping through Europa-Park which threatens to sink into chaos. A wild chase follows in which Ed and Edda – with the help of their grandfather who has been brought to life – have to overcome many obstacles to save Germany’s largest theme park from ruin.

Chaos in Wonderland 4D - Trailer

On behalf of MackMedia, Mack Animation has created this fourth 4D high-resolution quality film in Germany´s largest theme park completely digitally. The film music comes from the internationally successful composer Volker Bertelmann, alias Hauschka, who has already been nominated for an Oscar award. ‘MackMedia was a wonderful partner during the creative process. I hope that the film will be received by the public with the same enthusiasm which we experienced while making it’, enthuses Hauschka. The soundtrack was recorded at the legendary Air Studios in London where numerous Hollywood film music has been created.

The previous three 4D film productions by MackMedia are ‘The Secret of Balthasar Castle 4D’ (2011), ‘The Time Carousel 4D’ (2015) and ‘Happy Family 4D’ (2017); they have already delighted eight million visitors to Europa-Park – and have also been seen in 40 additional countries.


13 Min. 05 Sec.

A thrilling story

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